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Item Description
Image Suitable images are considered images which are at least 150 pixels high and wide. Images can be taken from several sources. SearchRamp first looks for an image in the image meta tag (<link rel="image_src" href="page/yourimage.jpg" type="image/jpeg" />) and if a suitable image is not found, then SearchRamp looks for the Open Graph image tag (<meta property="og:image" content="path/yourimage.jpg" />)

If a suitable image is is still not found, SearchRamp will go through all the images on your page and then your css and select the first suitable one without 'logo' in the name.
Title Titles are taken from the page title tag (<title>Your Title</title>) and if a proper title tag is not found, SearchRamp will use the title found in the Open Graph title tag and then the H1 tag.
Description The description is taken from the page meta description, and if none is found then the Open Graph description.
Keywords Keywords are taken from the keywords meta tag, and then keywords are generated by using the non-noise words on the page which occur the most frequently. The meta keywords are added to the generated keywords and the first five are used. Each listing can only have a maximum of five keywords.
Favicons The URL for the favicon is extracted from the web page and is saved with the listing. It is then hot-linked when the listing is displayed. This allows each website to record how often their listings are being displayed with standard web server traffic software.
Penalties Penalties are given for each item which cannot be extracted from a web page and the final score is used as a quality score so that the high-quality websites can be displayed the most prominently.

Come on, people. Learn to build a proper website!
Linking Bonus When a website home page is crawled, if a link is found pointing to ( we will automatically give a bonus of 2 points to that website listing. Websites are continually crawled to ensure the link remains on the website.
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